Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gran Torino

I'm worried.
If Theresa told me to jump off a bridge, would I do it?

Five minutes ago, she told me I should write a blog on movies. Now, here I am, five minutes later. About to write a blog on movies.

Ok, let's go.

Last movie seen: Gran Torino
This may seem grouchy because I genuinely like Clint Eastwood -- good director, all that. But this movie blows. Sorry.
Narratively, it doesn't make sense.
Mise-en-scene is straight out of a back-alley scriptwriter's imagination.
Shots of Clint Eastwood's face going from grrr to arrrggh.
Shots of Clint Eastwood's body going from crick to slick.
Random nice girl Asian who somehow sees beyond the incorrigibility of her next door neighbor.
Asian-on-Asian crime, like you've never seen it before.
Random red-haired priest, with no role, but several scenes.
Lovely looking Asian mother who doesn't do anything but gesticulate and moan.
Unexplained family separation between Eastwood and his two grown sons, and their families.
A car. Called a Gran Torino. It is apparently important. Clint Eastwood cleans it a lot.
Nothing different from the commercials of this film on TV. No, really. Nothing.


  1. First, I am soooo impressed that you have this blog up all ready.

    Second, I think this may be a first "I disagree on Gran Torino" I loved it!

    Please cover the others especially "Happy Go Painful"


  2. Oscar countdow -will we see Milk? Benjamin Button blogs? - more maggiesonmovies please :)